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Written by Dawid Ziętek

Virtualist Changelog

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Beta 0.7 - 19.08.2019


  • Multiplayer
  • Optimized scene loading
  • Multiple references to notes on scene
  • Official 64-bit support on Android
  • Spotlights (on Windows)
  • Web Browser and YouTube Player (on Windows)
  • Primitive meshes and Text Objects
  • Mesh and Material Thumbnails in Content Browser - Texture thumbnails are now of higher quality
  • New object manipulation in VR
  • Brand new avatars
  • Button prompts and improved movement in VR
  • Snap objects to floor using the End key
  • Empty lists now say they are empty
  • Added support for higlighting unread notification
  • Added ability to delete items in VR
  • Drag&drop notes on mobile
  • Less intrusive “missing material” for objects without material applied
  • Floor grid in AR mode on Android
  • Number of selected objects now shown on screen

Bug fix

  • Removed "ability" to change image for another person's scene
  • Fixed wrong content drag and drop visuals in VR
  • Prevented spawning meshes and applying materials through CB (without dragging them out) in VR
  • Multiple stability improvements
  • Binding textures to materials
  • Default normal values no longer rotate reflections
  • Changing color through color picker no longer breaks undo history
  • Fixed broken object dragging using vive's touchpads
  • Fixed widget interactions' LMB firing on vive touchpads' first quarter
  • Multiple improvements to Outliner (selection, locking, hiding, layer animations)
  • Fixed invitation dialog window appearing twice
  • Fixed mesh combining not working properly when combined meshes were not loaded into memory
  • Changed ModelImporter material import logic - materials with textures but no diffuse used to be created as unlit, now they are only unlit if they contain only one emissive texture
  • Fixed gizmo in VR always being controlled by left hand
  • Newly created SectionMaterials will now default NormalBoost value to 1
  • FIXED Returning from a higher level to the floor level in VR
  • Reworked editor hide (V and B keys)