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Jan Filipowiak
Written by Jan Filipowiak

Fulldome OS Viewer

Here we give You necessary tips to help You get started with prototyping your content for the Hyperdome experience.

So you've ordered your Hyperdome Unit and it's to arrive soon to your location. You're about to start production of your incredible content. 

Installation and content upload

First thing is to download the Fulldome OS Viewer - the prototyping tool that will help You see how your content is going to be viewed inside and how the system works.

When downloaded make sure You've unzipped it and open the folder. Inside go to the DomeViewer/binaries/Win64/local/video folder and upload your produced videos inside. Make sure all content is in the mp4 format. To ensure the movie has thumbnail picture in the system you have to upload the .png file with the same name as the .mp4 file to this folder too. Then go back to the main folder and run Hyperdome.exe.

Controls and interface

You are greeted with the main screen in the fulldome format. In the physical dome You can control the system with the Xbox gamepad. In the Fulldome Viewer OS however you can use your PC keyboard with the following key mappings:

ESC - application exit - works only if the movie is not played

P - change of the playback format mode (fulldome, cross, flat frame)

Left CTRL - go back in menu

Hold CTRL for 3 secs - quit movie to menu

Left ALT - Play all movies in the queue starting with the currently selected one

Left Shift - Loop the selected movie

[ - Mirror reflection of the movie

] - Change between 2k and 4k resolution

\ - Force 2k resolution

/ - Force 4k resolution

Space - pause the currently played movie

Num - / Num + - Rewind or forward movie by 10 seconds

1 & 2 - rotate the fulldome left and right

T & G - move the movie frame up / down

W & S - zoom the 360 movie

A & D - rotate the 360 movie 

This functionality allows You to prototype your movie and when your unit arrives You can use it with the supplied Fulldome OS software to quickly calibrate the experience.