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Jan Filipowiak
Written by Jan Filipowiak

Exporting your models from your 3d software

Quick tips on how to prepare your files for Virtualist

Here's a quick read on how to get the file ready for painless import into Virtualist. It's valid for any workflow or 3D authoring software. For specific guidance on your software package get in touch with us.

  • Pivot should be in the center of the bottom of your model
  • Object (or the whole group) should be exported on the x=0, y=0 and z=0 axis
  • Textures should be in the same folder as your file or your object should be exported using the "embed media" option (embedded in your file)
  • FBX is the preferred file format

Your preferred config for the FBX export:

  • Axis Conversion: Y-up.
  • Units: Centimeters.
  • SmoothingGroups – selected.
  • PreserveEdgeOrientation – selected.
  • Triangulate – selected.

If you've scaled the object during modelling make sure to reset it's scale (xForm) and flatten or modificators.